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Add Tassels to a Scarf

This scarf was never intended to be worn. It was a practice run while learning how to knit, and as such it's not a high quality example. After multiple failed attempts to block the curl out, the last resort was adding a crocheted edge. The most minimal, least crocheted looking edge was a slip stitch (instructions can be found here).

The results are none too terrible. My abilities however, leave much to be desired. Especially at the cast on and off- they're bulky and uneven and offensive. They need to be covered up completely, and this type of tassel does the trick.

Cut the Yarn:

  • In addition to the yarn, the only tools necessary are scissors and a big eye knitting needle.
  • Cut strands twice the length of the final tassel, plus 4". for example, these tassels are 8" in length under the wrapping. So the strands are 20". You need as many strands as it takes to fill the edge of the scarf.
  • The strands used to wrap the tassels are 4" longer than the others.

Insert the strands:

  • Using the needle, insert the strands across the scarf to cover the edge completely on front and back. Keep the strands as centered as possible.
  • Divide the strands equally into tassels.

Wrapping the Tassels:

  • On the reverse side of the scarf: Take a longer strand, and line up the bottom with the lower edge of the tassels. Just under the lower edge of the scarf, wrap the strand around the tassel a few times.
  • Keep the bottom loop of the wrapping loose, and slip the end of the strand down through it, so the strand is pointing at the bottom of the tassel.
  • Tighten the bottom loop and adjust the rest of the wrapping to tighten around the tassel.

Trim the Ends:

  • Trim all the tassels to the same length.
  • Repeat on the other side of the scarf.

In addition to covering up the crappy edges, these tassel are a super diversion from the amateur hour knitting. It will come in handy until the "real" scarf is finished (probably just in time for summer).

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