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apple celery juice

alright, i'll admit this isn't much of a recipe. but my love for apple celery juice compels me to raise public awareness about this delicious elixir. when the juice of apples and the juice of celery meet your taste buds, wild and wonderful things happen.

i drink this stuff like it's going out of style. i drink this stuff like i haven't had fluids in a week. i drink this stuff like it holds the secret of everlasting youth. it's that good.

you don't have to all crazy and buy different apples, but when apple season is upon you, live it up. make sure at least 1 apple is a granny smith- that little tart is the key to a flavor explosion.

apple celery juice:

  • 4 apples: fuji, gala, jonagold, golden delicious, pink lady, honey crisp, and most importantly granny smith
  • 2 stalks of celery


  • wash and quarter apples. remove seeds and stems. wash celery stalks and cut in half, or thirds. run everything through the juicer. drink it down.
  • the amount of juice you get depends on how juicy your apples are. i ended up with twice as much juice as what's pictured, which is probably 2 normal servings. that didn't stop me from drinking all of it though.
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