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Bugle Pyramids

Some wire and a few glass bugle beads are all it takes to make a little wearable geometry. You can make some very complicated shapes by weaving bugle beads, but let's start with something basic- a pyramid. The material list is short:

  • 6 glass bugle beads (any size, but the smaller, the more difficult)
  • 28g wire
  • wire clippers
  • needle nose pliers

What this project lacks in supplies, it makes up for in patience. Patience with the wire, specifically. it takes some effort to keep the wire from twisting, so keep a close eye on it to prevent it from getting mangled. The thin gauge of the wire makes it prone to breaking if pulled too tightly or crimped with the pliers. a delicate touch is imperative. Let's get down to business:

And there you have it. a little pyramid all your own. They look sweet on a chain, or dangling from an earring. Whip up a bunch, after a few rough starts it gets easy to bang them out.

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