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Burger Time! cross stitch phone case: level 1

when hotdogs attack.

a blank cross stitch iphone case is a very intimidating thing. there are so many options to explore, and it takes so much effort to make one, that you really want it to be good. we've been playing a lot of nintendo lately, and 8 bit lends itself to cross stitch perfectly. one of my favorite games as a kid was Burger Time! but we didn't have the nintendo version- we had intellivision.

some liberties were taken with the color of the burger (the army green makes me nauseous), and the scale of the characters had to be smaller to fit on the case. aside from that, it's as accurate as possible.

my approach to cross stitch is to work on the boring part first. that way, it gives you something to look forward to as you work, and it's more incentive to finish.

there's an angry pickle on the horizon.

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