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Candy Stick Valentines

Our office decided to do an old-school valentine exchange this year, and since I had to make the box, store bought valentines seemed the way to go. But every store was flooded with crappy dora the explorer and sponge bob. There weren't any cool candy options, which is criminal. A trip to The Sweet Life produced cherry cola flavored sticks- they obviously had a destiny to fulfill.

  • Poster board
  • Candy sticks
  • Cute colored masking tape, 3/4" wide
  • Pencil, thumb tack, scissors, x-acto blade, metal ruler

The Hearts:

  • Cut out your first heart to use as a template for the rest. Each heart should have 2 slits on either side, placed equidistant from the center.
  • Test out the slits with a candy stick to make sure it slides in easily.
  • Trace the outline of the template onto poster board. Use the thumb tack to poke holes at the top and bottom of each slit.
  • Cut out each heart and use the X-acto and ruler to cut straight lines between the holes.

  • Write the recipients name in the middle (centered a bit better than mine).

The Arrows:

  • At the end of the tape, fold over about 1/2" and stick it to itself.
  • Cut 2 angles starting at the edge of the tape and going to the fold.
  • Roll out the tape and place a candy stick on it, centered. Cut the other end about 2" from the stick.
  • Fold up the end a bit more than an 1" and stick it to itself. Take your time with this step, as it can be a bit tricky to line up the edges.
  • Flip the stick over and snip the tape where the doubled up parts end at the arrow tip and tail. You only need to cut it to the candy.
  • Carefully stick the tape around the candy between the cuts.

  • Cut a V out of the folded side of the tail. Snip at an angle each side of the tail too look feathery.


  • Slide each arrow through the slits in the hearts. Be careful not to tear through the poster board.

  • On the reverse side of each valentine, cut a length of tape a bit shorter than the heart. Cut each end with some angles to resemble an arrow. Lay this piece along the candy, securing it on either side to the heart.
  • Snip the tape top and bottom where it meets the slits. Fold the center of the tape around the candy.
  • Sign it, and repeat!

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