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dip it in chocolate

everything tastes more delicious dipped in chocolate.

i wanted to whip up some delectables for my play date, but didn't want to spend a whole day doing it. this is when chocolate dipping is perfect. i also did this for work functions that required a lot of servings- most skinny people that work in fashion can find room for a chocolate dipped blueberry.

  • good chocolate: finely chopped- i had a brick of calebut bittersweet laying around, but any plain candy bar that you like works too- lindt has pulled through for me many times.
  • strawberries: washed and dried
  • blueberries: washed, dried, and skewered on toothpicks, biggest berries on the bottom
  • banana bread: cut into 1" cubes, skewered on toothpicks, and frozen for a few minutes
  • hazelnuts: toasted in a pan over medium heat, as many skins removed as possible

  • add 1-2" of water to a small sauce pan
  • cover the pan with a glass bowl. make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water in the pan- it can scorch your chocolate (which would be sad)
  • turn the burner onto med/low

  • add the chocolate to the bowl
  • as the water starts to simmer, the steam will melt the chocolate
  • help out the melting with a little stir, then turn off the heat

  • start dipping! best to begin with the biggest fruit first
  • lay the fruit down at an angle to get the chocolate up as high as possible
  • give it a turn in the chocolate
  • bring it up and let excess drip off (a small shake helps this along)
  • transfer dipped fruit to a parchment lined baking sheet.

for blueberries: leave a little extra chocolate on them, so when you add them to the sheet, they have more stability. hold them upright for a few seconds, and they should stand on their own

for banana bread: i was concerned about crumbs in my chocolate, so i held the cubes over the bowl and dripped spoonfuls of chocolate over each side and the bottom. it was a 2 hand operation- sorry for the lack of photos

it's very hard to tell how much chocolate you'll need for the amount you're dipping. this is why nuts are so handy.

  • after everything has been dipped, add toasted nuts to the leftover chocolate in the bowl
  • mix up thoroughly
  • drop clusters of nuts onto baking sheet
  • consume any chocolate left in the bowl with a small spatula and your fingers

  • place in the fridge to help harden the chocolate
  • remove from the fridge about 15 minutes before serving and plate them up

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