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diy striped pillows

sofa flair.

truth time: these pillows aren't new. they've been kicking around for a few years, and are still going strong- somewhat flat, but still strong. while plumping them up with new interior pillows, i threw together a tutorial of how they were made (it took longer to the draw the instructions, than it did to sew them together). this pattern was created to use up a long thin piece of striped fabric- it's a heavy weight cotton jersey, but a woven fabric would work just the same.

measure your pillow from seam to seam with a measuring tape. each square will be half that length, plus 1". for example, this interior pillow is a 19" square. so each square of fabric is 9.5"+ 1"

Click here for printable pattern

figuring out how big to make the opening is a bit of a catch 22: the bigger the opening, the easier it will be to put the pillow inside the case. but that also means more hand sewing to close it up. a basic running stitch is all that's needed- the chunkier the pillow, the closer the stitches should be.

they really spice up an otherwise ordinary space.

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