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eyeball caprese

freaky fresh eyeballs.

i really wish i could take credit for this idea, but evil mad scientist beat me to it. they're hilarious- and quite tasty. they take a little prep, but it's all fun.

what luck to find blood red kumato tomatoes. unfortunately, it had run out by the antipasti bar- the only green castelvetrano olives were already pitted. this resulted in some knife cuts in the irises- not the end of the world, but if you have the option, go with unpitted. the darkest kalamata olives

eyeball caprese:

  • 2 kumato tomatoes, sliced 1/4: thick
  • salt and pepper
  • 16 sm mozzarella balls
  • castelvetrano olives, each long end trimmed off
  • darkest kalamata (or black) olives, sides trimmed off
  • 8 medium basil leaves


  • season each tomato slice with salt and pepper. top each with a basil leaf.
  • with a plastic straw, poke out a hole in the center of each castelvetrano olive slice. poke some pupils out of the kalamata olive slices, and fit them into the holes in the green olives.
  • place the olive iris/pupils in the center of each cheese ball, and press down slightly to secure. put 2 eyeballs on each basil leaf and point them in the same direction.

serves 8

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