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Fake Fireplace Gift Wrapping

I have some delicate presents that are awkwardly sized. Making corrugated cardboard boxes from scratch doesn't take much more effort than simply wrapping a gift, and it doubles as protection. This time of year, you can find it in the snazziest fireplace brick print.

This came from the dollar store- I couldn't find it that cheap online, so check your local stores before buying it from amazon. There were a few other supplies needed to make these a reality:

Scissors, Packing Tape, Hole Punch, Pencil, Ruler, and 7/8" turquoise grosgrain ribbon. A stack of books provided the right width for the box.

  • Determine the height of the box. Triple that measurement to figure out the length of the cardboard. To figure out the width, wrap the cardboard around the books. Lining up the stripes on the print. Overlap cardboard slightly, and tape it in place.
  • Push the books 1/3 of the way up the paper. Cut each corner straight to the books. This will give you 4 flaps. Fold each flap towards the middle, making sure that the fold lines are clean and sharp.

  • Fold in the side flaps and tape.
  • Fold in the top and bottom flaps, tape. Also neatly tape the sides. Remove the books.

  • Turn the box right side up. Trim the top edge so it's even all around. Mark the height of the box on the inside- if you lined up the stripes in the beginning, it should be pretty easy to find the same height at each corner.
  • Cut each corner down to the marking, and cleanly fold each flap towards the center. At this point, you could tape it up, slap a bow on it, and call it a day. But if you want to put on your fancy pants, adding a grosgrain closure isn't that difficult:

  • Fold down the side flaps (I didn't tape these), then the front and back. With a ruler, find the center of the width and mark it on each side, the same distance from the side. Fold under the edge, about 1/2" from the markings.
  • With the hole punch, punch out both layers of cardboard (the folded part underneath provides extra stability for the holes).

  • Fold the punched flap over the other, and mark the center of each hole on the flap below it.
  • Fold over the edge, 1/2" from the markings and punch.

  • Lace the ribbon through the holes on the bottom flap, and then through the holes on the top flap.
  • Tie a bow!

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