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bryant park movie

outdoor movie season in nyc kicked off last night at bryant park! it's been years since i've seen a movie at bryant park, but there was no way to pass up tootsie. this venue isn't my favorite, but by the end of the film, i was grateful to have had the experience.

the good:

location, location, location. it is really amazing to watch a movie in the middle of the city, especially when the movie is set in new york. it gives you tingles.

there are a bunch of food options, but my personal favorite is lt burger, which is just south of the lawn. we also tried out some stack wine, which is not sophisticated, but is perfect for dining alfresco.

the bad:

bryant park has been showing outdoor films longer than anyone, and is probably the best known venue. this means that lawn space is incredibly competitive. the lawn usually opens at 5, but the area surrounding it opens at 4. people with nothing better to do hang out for an hour and then at 4:55, they line up along the lawn with their blankets out, ready to throw elbows. like walmart opening on black friday, it's a mob mentality. in under 30 seconds the real estate is divvied up.

as with all outdoor movies at every venue, there will be some total weirdo/transient homeless person hanging out/napping near you. it's not enough of a reason not to go, so don't let that deter you.

the wierd:

bryant park movies are sponsored by HBO, and before the film begins, they show the old school HBO intro. now, i love the HBO intro as much as the next guy, but people went absolutely bananas. it needs to be pointed out that a majority of the people spazzing were not old enough to have ever seen it on TV. there was no way to enjoy it in person, so i had to look it up when i got home:

the verdict:

it's a super fun time! take advantage of this nyc tradition- it's free! you can find the full list of films for bryant park here, for brooklyn bridge park here, and south seaport here.

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