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chedraui is mexico's answer to walmart. it's the same, but different. the first immediate difference is in the parking lot- it's covered. genius! cars in the shade and protection in the rain.

we needed some suntan lotion, and ended up strolling the isles for awhile. it was an eye opening experience. time for a confession: i haven't been to walmart in ages. i have no idea if any of this stuff is stateside, so forgive the ignorance. i'm know that i've never seen hello kitty feminine products before.

don't forget the globitos and bizcochitos.

so many chocolate cereals. and sliced cream cheese!

twinkies and hostess cupcakes alive and well- and better named too.

and an entire mole bar! they all smelled insanely delicious.

the bakery area was crazy- i've never smelled so much buttery deliciousness. rolls, cookies, muffins the size of your head.

karate cacahuates! and steelers cacahuates! time to stock up.

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