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roger's flea market

part farmer's market, part food carnival, part junk yard, part amish safari.

roger's flea market was one of my regular haunts in college. not just for the junk (LOVE the junk), but also to interact with the amish (absolutely fascinating). it's always a gamble going out there, but when you strike gold, it's worth the trip.

the most fragrant area of the market is the carny style food trucks. it didn't take much self control to pass on the artery clogging deliciousness, but i could not resist a fresh amish made vanilla glazed doughnut. being fortunate enough to live in an area with amazing doughnuts (shout out to peter pan bakery), i consider myself a connoisseur. but this was the most delicious doughnut i've ever tasted. and it was served by the sweetest, plainest, loveliest ladies.

don't forget to pick up some scrapple and live poultry on your way out!

the haul- not earth shattering, but still some good finds: paracord that was 10 times cheaper than everywhere, a fabulous vintage plastic necklace, and 2 vintage cosmetics pouches "to keep me glamorous".

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