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flapper tassel necklace: round 2

second time's a charm? so close, and yet...

i was not ecstatic with the previous attempt at a tasseled friendship flapper necklace, but there was hope that something cute could come from it.


  • 16 strands of cord, 125" long (4 strands/ color)
  • large hole wood bead
  • 16 flexible bobbins: i only had 8, so i had to fudge it with cardboard. not ideal because these bobbins are fantastic
  • kumihimo disk

  • separate cords, and wrap around bobbins or cardboard. knot all cords together 12" from their ends
  • set up disk and start the party. i used a basic spiral stripe

  • a comfortable average would be 1"/10min. the final braid was 30" long, and it took about 3 1/2hrs (although i was really flying to get it finished. it would've been more enjoyable at a 1"/10min pace)

  • take braid off the disk, and use an overhand knot to tie both sides together
  • using a small rubber band to hold them, tie the strands and slip through the bead. add another knot, securing with a dot of glue on the inside
  • trim fringe to all be the same length (my initial guestimate for the fringe was too short- i've changed it in the instructions)

final verdict? i think i like the braid from the second, but the striped tassel from the first. next round is going to be good.

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