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Henri Matisse: the Cut-Outs

The exhibit currently headlining at MOMA is Henri Matisse: the Cut-Outs. Like most MOMA exhibitions, it's frustratingly crowded and poorly laid out. The throngs of people clogging up to watch videos, and a strictly enforced no-photograph policy is enough to ruin any good show. But this isn't a good show. It's a great one.

Even if photography was allowed, there were so many people that getting a clean shot of anything would be a challenge. These scans came from the exhibit's companion book.

Even during MOMA's member-early hours, the exhibit was full. At about 11am, the line to buy tickets was at least 45 minutes deep, so my advice would be to purchase timed tickets online in advance- you can do that here. Why stand around, when you could do it from the comfort of your bed? Matisse knows what I'm talking about:

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