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Cosmic Peter Max

It's hard to imagine the 1960's without Peter Max. His work from that time period has become synonymous with the counter culture movement. Many a teenager had their walls plastered with his posters and their floors littered with his album covers.

While studying painting, he became fascinated with astronomy and space. This "cosmic awakening" is a strong theme in many of his compositions.

Love his psychedelic profiles. Like silhouettes on LSD.

There's a lot of Peter Max merchandise available on ebay and etsy. He printed everything from scarves and apparel to linens and kitchenware. Including fondu pots, naturally.

Now for a bit of a warning- I have a ruthless, cut-throat, vicious style of bidding on ebay. So watch out if you ever spot peter max mini dresses, fabric, umbrellas, or tights, because I'm all over it.

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