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Rosemary's Baby

When it gets sticky hot and gross in NYC my thoughts always turn to Rosemary's Baby. The film actually takes place throughout an entire year, but it begins and ends in the summer- during which, she looks adorable. Pre-pregnant, and full-blown pregnant.

The endless supply of cute, shapeless, shift dresses:

The embracing of lounge wear:


I've ripped off everyone of these looks. Over and over again. But upon watching this film for the 130th time, it became apparent that Minnie Castavet is the real star of the show. Not only does Ruth Gordon steal every scene, she looks fantastic while she does it. And that's not easy when Rosemary's going around all young and mod and fertile. She's so cute in her turtleneck and maxi skirt, and then BLAM! Minnie comes around the sofa in an awesome print, sparkly cardigan, and dripping with costume jewelry. She's a clutch away from a Kate Spade campaign.

Oh Rosemary, even while filled with the devil's spawn, you still look classic in a pea coat, and riding boots. Minnie! Where did you come from in that killer leather cloche with your matching lipstick and turned up minimalist shawl collar?!

Even in perfect tent dress, she's no match for Minnie's polka dot head scarf and thick charm bracelet, jangling all over the place.

God, (or Satan, as the case may be), I love this woman! By 45, I'll phase out of Rosemary and into Minnie. Or, maybe it won't take that long...

It could be worse, right?

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