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Knitted Baby Hat with Ombre Pom Pom

The weather in New York is brutally cold, so it's the perfect time to try the cute hat diy on a beautiful mess. Because it's just a rectangle of basic stitches, this project is easy and fast (even for a super novice knitter). The ombre pom pom adds a bit of pizzaz- and let's be honest, that's what everyone really needs this time of year.

ombre pompom:

There are lots of ways to make pom poms- this version uses the same technique as the cute pom poms from mr. printables. To make a striped one, you need 3 colors of yarn, 4 U shaped pieces of cardboard, 4 bull dog clips, and scissors.

  • Draw two circles, centered, on a piece of sturdy cardboard (i traced a juice glass, and the lid from a small bottle). The larger circle should be slightly smaller than the final pom pom size you wish to achieve. You only need the top half of the circles.
  • Extend both circles about 3.4" to create a tab on each side. Cut out this U shape.
  • Fold the tabs at the center line. make 3 more.

- Place 2 U pieces together, with the tabs folding in opposite directions. Wrap one of the end colors around the U in the center. Don't go all the way to the fold lines, but fill it up pretty good. Repeat on the other side with the second end color.
- Wrap both sides with the middle color, just enough to cover the end colors completely. This yarn goes all the way to the fold lines.
- Line up the tabs on each side, top and bottom. Clip them together.
- Slip the scissors between the upper and lower cardboard pieces and cut around the outer folds of the yarn, through all thicknesses.

  • Slide a long piece of yarn, the same color as the hat, between the upper and lower cardboard pieces. Wrap it around center of the pom, and tie a double knot to secure it.
  • Remove the clips and cardboard. Trim the yarn evenly around.


  • Knit or crocheted rectangle, with a long tail at the beginning and end. Length and width are determined by the size of the wearer's head: length= from jaw to jaw over the head, width= from in front of the ears to the center back of the head.
  • Ombre pom pom with long tails
  • 2 strands of yarn, twice as long as the tails on the knitted rectangle.
  • Big eye yarn needle
  • Scissors

  • Fold the rectangle in half, lengthwise. The tails should line up.
  • Use the long pom pom tails to stitch up the back seam. Hide the yarn ends in the knit rectangle.

  • Just above each of the tails on the rectangle, loop through a long strand of yarn.
  • Braid the three strands on each side. Tie an overhand knot at the bottom of each braid, and trim the ends.

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