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log cabin quilt: block 21

21 down, 4 to go- seriously this time, i mean it.

well, if i have to keep going with the quilt blocks, the first one should be super fun. my 8yr old self would think it was the height of sophistication. if i keep up the current pace of making 1 block a week, the quilt top won't be ready to sew for 5 weeks. i can't wait that long to get it finished, so i'm kicking in into overdrive, and trying to get 2 blocks done a week. i'd love to have the whole thing finished by august, but that's really wishful thinking.

  • red silk satin
  • black/cream cotton double knit
  • tan/black spot cotton twill
  • fuchsia silk
  • purple wool double knit

every material behaved for this block, and there weren't any catastrophes along the way. i hope the rest are this smooth, cause i can't handle any more drama from this thing.

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