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log cabin quilt top

after some deep soul searching, a decision has been made.

truth be told- i've dreaded piecing together the blocks of this quilt. they're not what you would call "professional" or even "the same size". and i had a feeling it would be an epic procedure to fit them together properly.

sure enough, they were all various sizes. 18.5" was the length every side should be. this required some cheating and fiddling, and trimming of most squares. it took a while to measure and adjust each one. but when they were ready, i felt great about taking the plunge and sewing them together.

for about 5 minutes. then i stared at the bed for another hour, completely unsatisfied and full of self doubt. the big problem? the sides of the quilt are too short to cover the box springs.

it's driving me crazy. i've never wanted it to hit the floor, but as it is right now, it's just too short across the width. only one conclusion can be arrived at. it needs another column. which means i need 5 more blocks.


have i mentioned yet that the V pattern won't work with a 5x5 layout?


there's only one thing to do- suck it up and make 5 more blocks. i spent the afternoon arranging and rearranging the blocks until i found a few new layouts that worked. i've narrowed it down to 2: diagonal stripe vs. sunshine/ shadows

well, back to the drawing board i guess. what's 5 more, right? it's not that bad, right? i'll get these banged out in no time, right? i'm not losing my mind, right?

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