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military footlocker file cabinet

the storage solution of my dreams.

i had a dream that we constructed a storage trunk for the end of the bed from vintage fruit crates. after the supreme disappointment of awakening to find there was no trunk, a quick sketch was in order:

this was a topic i'd been thinking about for awhile. we have a serious hanging file problem and all the solutions came from staples- not an inspiring prospect. with fingers crossed, we took a turn through the brooklyn flea. a vintage military footlocker exceeded all expectations (despite missing the tray and having a seriously unstable bottom panel.

also at the flea, the fine gentlemen from recycled brooklyn offered to sell me a handsome set of 7" hairpin legs. everything was coming up milhouse.

in the end, the only thing required from staples was the hanging file frame and some new folders (school supplies!)

if the bottom had been stable, we would've simply screwed the feet to the trunk and called it a day. but in it's current shape, there was no way it would handle a load of files. there was still some wood left from the squirrel cage hanging around, so my very patient and understanding carpenter made a frame for additional support. this nifty corner vice made the construction much easier than when the cage was being built.

once it was secured to the bottom, the only thing left was to screw in the feet and add the file frame to the interior.

it feels so good to be organazized.

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