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multi strand necklace: round 2

more work than the original, but so worth it.

the last time i worked on a multi strand, the initial focus was on baubles. by the end, i found the braid to be the more interesting element. this time around, the braid gets more attention(much more).


  • 10mm wood beads: from beads world in manhattan. they were sold by the strand
  • 5mm wood beads: also from beadworld
  • 3mm wood beads- optional: i used them for the pink strand, but not the yellow
  • clear acrylic beads: 4 sizes- 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 22mm. acquired many years ago in a great quantity. it wasn't too difficult to find them on etsy, the problem is finding multiple sizes- you don't need all 4 sizes, use whatever you can find
  • 5mm cord
  • 1mm nylon cord
  • diaper pin, closed jump rings
  • scissors, Magna Tac, sewing needle with thread, tapestry needle
  • kumihimo disk

  • cut 4 pieces of 1mm skinny cord, approximately 4.5 yds long
  • cut 2 pieces of chunky cord, 5.5" long
  • fold each long piece of cord in half, and tie to pin using a lark's head knot
  • tie and overhand knot with all threads

  • insert pin and cords through the center of disk, and set up for a basic spiral pattern
  • knot around the disk 1 time
  • add a drop of glue to the ends of the 5mm cord twist the glue around the cord to create a point and let dry
  • sew the tip of the 5mm cord into the beginning of the knot

  • braid around the center cord, trying to keep the tension even (this is difficult)
  • end the braid with an overhand knot (this is also difficult)

  • take 2 strands that are next to each other, and glue 1 1/4" of the tips together. let dry
  • string beads, starting and ending with the smallest. you should have 4 double strands.
  • once beads have been strung, tear apart the glued ends

  • tie together the beaded double strands in an overhand knot
  • thread cords through kumihimo disk, and repeat the same technique with the center cord

  • finish the second braid by tying on a closed jump ring (mine were wimpy, so i used 2). add a drop of glue to the knot to secure
  • using a tapestry needle, sew the loose ends back through the spiral
  • cut off excess ends

final verdict? successful second round. next time i'll shorten the length of the braids a bit, and try another stitch instead of the spiral. getting there, though.

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