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quilt top: phase 1

if you squint, it looks finished.

it's finally come to this. after a lot of hard work and indecision (procrastination), a choice has been made. pinwheels beat out it's competition for the win. and what a spectacular road it's been. so many strong opponents to overcome. but in the end, pinwheels had the right stuff to get the job done. (god, i love olympic gymnastics commentators)

after pinwheels won the competition, the middle 3 columns were laid out. the center block of each row was sewn to the block on either side of it. this resulted in 5 rows of 3 blocks each.

then the outer blocks were sewn on each row, resulting in 5 rows of 5 blocks.

and that's what i have now- 5 rows of 5 blocks. patiently waiting to be sewn together. don't worry blocks. very soon it will be your time to shine. just sit tight, and focus on the goal. we've got this in the bag.

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