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simple ribbon headbands

this might be the easiest craft around. and the cutest!

my friend jaine from brklynview came over for a ricotta cheese making party, and we did a quick craft while waiting for our cheese to cool down. this ribbon reminded me of jaine the second i saw it, primarily due to the shocking pink satin stripes. we threw together these headbands in a hot minute.


  • gros grain or velvet ribbon- measure around your head with the ribbon, or a measuring tape. subtract 3-4", depending on the length of your hairbands
  • 2 hair bands
  • needle and thread
  • fray check

knot hairbands:

  • place right band over left
  • pull the right band through the left, looping over itself
  • pull both bands to create a knot

attaching the ribbon:

  • apply fray check to both ends of ribbon and let dry. crease ribbon 1/4" from edge.
  • crease ribbon again, 1/4" from the first fold.
  • knot the end of the thread, and bring through the first crease line.
  • add hair band to the edge of ribbon, folding up both crease lines to encase the elastic.

  • start sewing by bringing the needle to the outside of the ribbon. lower it over 1 cord of the gros grain and bring it back through. keep the needle behind the first crease line, so the stitches on the interior are hidden.
  • bring the needle out of the crease line 1/4" from where you started.
  • stich crease line to the exterior again, and continue all the way across.
  • at the end of the crease, knot thread and bring tail back through. trim end.
  • repeat procedure on opposite side

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