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spray painted oxfords

i don't condone ruining perfectly good things for no reason.

let's just say that i bought some shoes that couldn't be returned that were way too gold. blindingly gold. i really wanted them, just in another color. spray painting seemed like a logical solution.

  • shoes
  • masking/ painters tape
  • spray paint
  • exacto blade
  • big box
  • outdoors

  • tape off every part that you don't want to piant, including the interior.
  • place shoes in a large box out side.
  • spray shoes evenly all around. building up light coats produces a nicer final layer than blasting them with paint

  • remove from box when completely dry.
  • prior to removing tape, run an exacto blade lightly around the edges that have been painted.
  • remove tape.

at almost every step i thought i was going to hate these, and in the end i think they're pretty cute. do they look painted? oh my yes. naturally, i have no idea how these will wear. they could fall apart the second i step out the door. if they don't survive karaoke tomorrow, i'll update the post.

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