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tortoise testing: trial two

the object:

continuing from last tortoise tests, to pour transparent resin that turns from golden amber to red amber. practice swirls.

the materials:

the technique:

  • 6 drops of amber pigment added to 1/2oz mixed resin.
  • 1/2 of resin divided among 2 molds sprayed with release.
  • 1 drop of red pigment added to remaining 1/2 of resin.
  • red/amber resin poured only on 2 sides of each mold, leaving a small amount left in the cup.

  • 1 drop black pigment added to remainder of resin.
  • black resin drops added to molds, unevenly spaced.
  • drops swirled minimally with T pin.
  • observation: no black swirls hit the bottom of the molds


clearly, nothing like the originals. WAY too much black. color transitioning from golden to red/amber a success. use far less gold amber at the beginning. profiles look pretty radical, and as far as tortoise goes, these are great.

ready to proceed making some handles: affirmative.

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