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Valentine Book Box

A Valentine gift exchange was unanimously decided upon at the office- complete with boxes. I went to the source of all my childhood valentine's box ideas- my sister Debbie. She came up with the greatest box concept ever- a pulp fiction trashy romance novel. Absolute genius. After we agreed on a title, she sent me the cover art, including a hilarious synopsis and author bio:

Unfortunately, the time crunch to get this made prevented serious documentation of the process. and a quickly approaching vacation is preventing me from posting an in depth tutorial. So you'll have to fend for yourself based on the photos of it's progress:

A few important things:
1. This never could've been made if the pages weren't printed on tabloid sized paper (work is so good for stuff like that).
2. It was imperative to use velcro to keep the cover closed.
3. It really helps to have a sibling with excellent photoshop skills and a twisted mind- THANKS DEBBIE!

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