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vintage crewel kit: ladybug 3

he's filling in.

when looking at the directions for filling in this bug's body, i was concerned about the stitch they suggested to use. it was the same as his arms and legs- the chain stitch:

it seemed like an odd choice, especially when there were so many awkward spots to go around. the concern deepened when the first strand of yarn had been used and it didn't look as though it made a dent in filling him in.

this section was worked mostly in a spiral from the outer edges to the middle, leaving the space between dots for last. good to know: if a needle is tucked away carefully in your work, it can pass through security at the airport. now all you have to do is ignore all the other people in the airport staring at you for doing needlework like a nanna.

and when his left half was finished, the stitch turned out to have a really interesting texture. it looks like his body is knitted. he's a toasty warm snugly bug in a sweater. who knew?

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