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Vintage Crewel Kit: Squirrel

This needlework project is a tribute to my mortal frenemy, the squirrel. It seemed to be the fanciest and most expensive looking kit thus far, so expectations were high. Let's crack her open.

The usual: printed fabric, yarn, needle, stitch instructions, and pattern color chart.

It appears from the instructions, that there are only 4 stitches used in the whole thing. The color chart looks frighteningly complicated.

I'm gonna take it slow, and start with something I've had plenty practice at- leaves.

Satin Stitch:

Stem Stitch:

And right from the beginning, complications arose. There was only 1 3ply strand of yarn for the stems, veins, and leaf outlines. Not even close to enough. I'll have to pick up a suitable substitute the next time I stop by purl soho.

Not even finished with the first installment, and already this guy is frustrating me. Squirrels. Typical.

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