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Vintage Crewel Kit: Squirrel 6

This squirrel is becoming the character I love to hate- like a delicious soap opera villain. I'm starting to see the humor in ripping apart every section multiple times. Let's continue to complain about how it turns out, while blatantly disregarding the directions. Once again, they called for filling in the rusty part with stem stitches. And once again I opted for long and short stitches.

First, some directional guidelines were needed.

The skinny part wasn't bad, but at the thicker part, it became obvious that it was too long for single stitches.

There was no choice but to break it up into smaller sections. At least 3 times, I tried to get this tail to cooperate. And at least 3 times it refused. This is the final version:

Not terrible, but not not ideal either. I can't honestly be moved to care. The final step was to add a stem stitch to the outer edge. Compared to filling it in, this seemed like a piece of cake.

Now that this fluffy appendage is finished, it's time to attack that body. Fingers and toes, here I come.

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