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alfresco brunch

why wait 2 hrs for a table at brunch, when you can take it to go? (and enjoy it with your favorite furball!)

my picnic blanket has seen more action this summer than in the last 4 years combined. between the outdoor movies, and trips to the beach, it's been almost continually in use. and that's the way it should be. if the weather is nice, there's no excuse not to get your behind outside for a meal- it can be as easy effortless as takeout. which is exactly what we did for brunch today.

the original plan was to try out the queens kickshaw in astoria, which none of us had been to. the place is super, but from the photos online it looked pretty small (not the case- don't let that stop you from eating there). i have a difficult time waiting for food (a.k.a. "cranky hungry"), which for brunch at 11am is almost guaranteed. instead, we grabbed our grub and hightailed it over to socrates sculpture park.

great food, great view, great company, and great companionship in the form of the cutest yorkie poo in the world.

our decision to dine alfresco was rewarded with sky writing! much better than being 20th on the list.

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