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colored pencil resin bangles

school supplies- now in color!

sometimes an idea gets so stuck in my mind that i'm incapable of doing anything else until it's been realized. that's exactly what happened while making the pencil shaving bangles last week. all i could think about was colored pencils- and then i spent hours picking color combinations and none of them were good enough. finally the selection was narrowed to 2 colorways: a mustard/aqua/burgundy and a chartreuse/ombre peach/brick red

the molds were sprayed with release, the resin was mixed, and drizzle was poured into each mold. just enough to coat the bottom. then the first colors for each were shaved right into the mold.

this is were things started to get exciting. so exciting, that i totally messed up the second colors and put the aqua in the chartreuse mold. great. that's just great. well, i guess the mustard mold will now be peach ombre and the chartreuse will be more reminiscent of my first 10 speed bike. not the end of the world. some more resin was added and then the third and fourth colors shaved into the mix.

after curing and coming out of the molds, a few things were immediately apparent:

  1. although a bit of wood looks fantastic with a hit of aqua and chartreuse, it really doesn't jive with the colors in a similar tone. less wood, in general, all around.
  2. too many colors and things get lost. limit color combos to 3 at a time.
  3. less is more. this is just a theory. some future testing (like as soon as i get home tonight), will prove if this is really the correct approach.

in conclusion, not the mind blowing, door busting, window breaking success i had envisioned. but not to shabby neither! now to get cracking on the next batch...

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