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back to school bangles

school supply season! sharpen your #2s.

it's been forever since i made a resin bangle, and this is a filling i've been thinking about for awhile. now that school is in session, the timing seemed perfect.

here's a recap of how to mix and pour resin. there were 2 pencils i wanted to focus on: the classic, ticonderoga #2, and some cute printed pencils that were a gift from my former boss and have a natural exterior.

i tried to keep the amount of shaved graphite to a minimum, so the whole bangle didn't end up cloudy. then i filled the molds half way with resin and added the shavings.

the shavings were too wide for the molds, so they had to be rammed down a bit. in the end, the long curly ones had to be broken into smaller pieces. once all the shavings were added to the molds, they got topped off with the rest of the resin.

and here they are! this was a super successful study- can't wait to unpack the 250 count colored pencils box that hasn't seen the light of day in years. i'm drooling with anticipation...

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