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resin bangles

suspended unravelling. and tinsel.

since the beginning of all the friendship and kuminhimo braiding, i've been interested in unravelling. i like seeing the strands break wild and do their own thing. i like the theme of unravelling- it's something i can relate to. is there a way to capture this natural phenomena? i've wanted to start casting in resin for ages, so i did.



  • follow the video instructions on the ice resin website for mixing resin. it's super easy.
  • spray molds with release spray

  • for the braids, pour a little resin in the bottom of the mold. let sit for 6hrs to harden.
  • add the braids to the molds, mix up another batch of resin and pour it over the bracelets, slowly
  • put molds under a desk lamp and sit with a toothpick or pin ready to pop any bubbles you see. it's important to get out all the bubbles (i was not so lucky)
  • let sit for 6-10hrs to harden
  • pop out of molds (this was very difficult for me- i must've been light handed with the release)

  • for the tinsel bracelet, add a pile of cut tinsel to the resin and mix it up
  • pour into mold (what an enormous mess. i'll update this when i find a better way)
  • let sit for 6-10hrs under a lamp to harden
  • pop out of molds

  • when the bracelets come out, they have a sharp rough edge around the bottom interior and exterior. file down the edge at a 45 degree angle
  • starting with coarse, and working down to fine sandpaper, sand the filed edges smooth
  • with a rag, rub some car wax on the edge and polish

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