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friendship bracelets II: return of the braid

the battle of flat vs round: who will prevail?

almost a year ago, i purchased a cute little kit called a Friendship Bracelet Single. it consisted of a pre-threaded styrofoam ring and some basic instructions. i finally got around to cracking it open today, and had a great time experimenting with it.

it's basically a beginners guide to kumihimo- the japanese art of braiding. there are a lot of online resources for patterns and instructions, so i looked up a simple diagonal stripe pattern (the diamond pattern that came with the kit wasn't thrilling me). the two color stripe was a little thin, so i added another color and was pleased with the results in cording.

still curious to see how chunky i could get it, i tried adding a cord to the center while i braided.

it worked really well, and improved the flexibility of the piece. dig the totally radical flo cord. now i was ready to get to business. the diaper pins i wanted during my initial friendship bracelet exploration had arrived and i was already finished with my first bracelet. the kumihimo braid, did not attach as cleanly to the pin, and was a nightmare to loop at the end. i love the round braid, and using the wheel was much faster and painless, but the finishing needs more thought. flat wins this round!

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