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dishwasher magnets

getting clean. and dirty.

dishwasher magnets made from scrabble tiles are all over the internet- but why buy one when it's more fun to make it? naturally, i wasn't going to destroy our scrabble set to get the letters, but you can buy them on ebay, or etsy in every variety of color. i planned to do it at some point, but during a recent trip to the brooklyn flea i came face to face with some. the green ones were picked up at dan's parent's house (he couldn't remember what they came from), and then 20 stalls over from him i found the cream ones. since i had enough for 2, i made 2.

  • 10 lettered tiles that spell "clean" and "dirty"
  • magna-tac glue
  • magnetic strip

the original plan was to glue the letters together with magna-tac, because it's easier to control, and then hot glue the letters to the magnet, because i thought it would be more secure. but the hot glue gun decided to act a fool all day, so i scrapped it entirely and only used the magna-tac. worked great.

  • flatten out the magnetic strip by placing some heavy books on it while it's uncoiled.
  • lay out the letters in order.

  • to help prevent glueing the letters to the table, work on a sheet of wax paper. glue the first two letters together, making sure that they line up along the bottom edge. let the glue dry for about 10-15 minutes.
  • continue to glue on letters, lining up the bottom edge and letting the glue dry before adding the next one.

  • glue the bottom edge of "clean" to the bottom edge of "dirty". let dry for an hour.

  • cut the magnetic strip slightly shorter than the tiles. center the magnet on the reverse side of the tiles, and glue in place. cover the surface of the magnet with a strip of clean wax paper, and place heavy books on top. let magnet dry completely overnight.

  • slap it on your dishwasher and prepare to answer the age old question, "are they clean, or dirty?"
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