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DIY Elastic Luggage Strap

I really love this suitcase. It's fantastic in almost every way, and would get a 5 star review if not for one problem. It only comes in black. This makes locating it in baggage claim a total pain in the rear. Even the short fat frame doesn't help with identification. I used to have a big neon green pear luggage tag, but it got lost in transit years ago. During holiday travels, I spied a florescent web strap on a suitcase doing the rounds. And it was super because even though the bag was face down at the bottom of a dog pile, it was still easily recognizable. And it looked easy to make. because it was.

  • 1.5" wide neon elastic
  • 1.5" plastic buckle
  • lighter
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors, large hole needle and heavy duty thread

Side note: This elastic and buckle came from Pacific Trimming in the garment district. For whatever reason, they don't offer them online (totally lame).

  • Heat up the hot glue gun.
  • Cut one end of the elastic cleanly. Singe the edge with the lighter to prevent fraying.
  • Slide the elastic through one side of the clasp, so that the cut end is at the back side of the buckle. The edge should be about 1" from the buckle when folded over.

  • Add about a 1/2" of hot glue to the end of the elastic and press together with the front of the strap. There should be a loose loop holding the buckle to the strap.
  • For added security (remember, this has to go through airport handlers), add 2 tack stitches just under the buckle at both sides of the strap. For a refresher on how to tack stitch, click here.

  • Fit the strap around the bag, and through the other side of the buckle. Adjust the fit so the strap is snug, but not pulling so tight that when you unhook it, it will snap you in the face. When you've determined your length, cut off the excess strap and glue/stitch the other end to the buckle the same way as the first side.

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