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casa de los venados

una amplia colección de arte popular en valladolid.

casa de los venados is the private residence of john and dorianne venator in valladolid. they have an extensive mexican folk art collection, and are kind enough to open their home for public viewings every weekday at 10am. the house alone is worth taking a look at- 8 1/2yrs of renovations transformed it from a crumbing ruin into a very impressive hacienda.

it's impossible to capture the density of artwork on display. some rooms have hundreds of pieces- there isn't a bare surface in the house (people after my own heart). pottery, sculpture, paintings, woodwork, weaving, textiles, glasswork, large scale installations- over 3,000 pieces. here's just a smattering:

there's some real wild, wacky, wonderful stuff happening in this house. you could stay for a month and not see it all (but i'd love to try). if your travels take you to valladolid, make sure you stop by and have your mind blown.

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