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coney island

sand, sun, a picnic and gozer the destructor.

one of my favorite summer activities is going to the drive-in. unfortunately, there are no drive-ins in new york city. there's something even better. free outdoor movies! you can see a free movie almost every night of the week in a different spot in the city. tonight, monday movie nights in coney island kicked off with the cinematic masterpiece ghostbusters! we celebrated the viewing of this classic film by heading down to the beach early and enjoying some sunshine and surf.

at sunset, we laid out a blanket by the 40 foot inflatable movie screen, and enjoyed a picnic of pasta salad, key lime and cherry pie, and not-so-spicy cucumber coolers. honestly, a picnic wasn't really needed- it was hard to resist all the junk food for sale on the boardwalk. some fries, clams, and ice cream would've worked just fine too.

i love watching movies about new york outdoors in new york. especially when bill murray is in them. battling a 20ft marshmallow man. after the movie, we were lucky enough to see some fireworks, and took a stroll by deno's wonder wheel and the kiddie rides. good times had by all!

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