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heinz history center

if yinz are nebby abaht history, git dahna strip.

the heinz history center is the pittsburgh equivalent of the new york historical society. an extensive collection of local artifacts, local artists (burton morris' body of work is on display currently), local industry, and- quite obviously- local history. the most amazing part? it's not boring.

while the new york historical society is a classy building with a glimpse into the past of the wealthy elite, the heinz history center is a warehouse with a glimpse into the past of working people.

obviously because this is in pittsburgh, there is a sports museum on the premises. i wasn't inclined to run through it this time- please forgive the lack of photos (and interest). i'll take mr. roger's sweater and george romero's director chair over a trophy any day.

so don't be a jagoff- git dahn 'ere and take a look. yinz might learn sumpin.

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