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flapper tassel necklace: round 3

third time's a charm!

the first time was flat and thin, the second time was round and thick. the the third time, is the best of both. a 4 strand kumihimo braid is not only the easiest to learn, it's super versatile. i used the old braided nylon line in a few different patterns, and the results are crazy cute.

set up:

  • spiral stripe: 2 black, 2 white
  • vertical stripe: 2 green, 2 light green
  • multi color: flo pink, yellow, coral, orange
  • solid: all 4 strands flo coral

it's important to leave a long tail before you make the first knot. these cords will be used to attach the tassel, so they should be at least the length of the tassel plus 3- 4". like all braids made with a kumihimo disk, having the cords wrapped around flexible bobbins is essential to keep them from tangling.

basic moves:

  • once you've set up the colors in the pattern of you choice, begin braiding by following the photos above.
  • keep repeating this sequence until desired length.
  • to finish, knot both ends with 1 overhand knot.
  • pull cords through a large wooden bead (taping the ends together helped with this step)
  • follow previous tassel instructions for making and attaching the tassel!
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