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log cabin quilt: block 18

18 down! a light is at the end of the tunnel.

now that i'm nearing the end of the quilt top, i've become obsessed with arranging and rearranging the blocks. i can stare at them for hours, changing up the composition endlessly. i'm pretty sure the final layout is nailed down, and one thing i'm noticing is that most of the blocks are predominantly the darker colors. in these last few, i'm trying to move away from the dark side.

  • red silk satin
  • green, navy, yellow silk stripe
  • dark teal boucle
  • white corduroy
  • natural linen

it's a tad christmassy, but it doesn't bother me. i wanted it to be different from the last block that used this stripe, and it definitely is. still kind of stunning that it's come this far. only 3 more to go!

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