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log cabin quilt top: AGAIN

decisions decisions.

it's been a month since the last time i tried to figure this out, and i'm still struggling to make a decision. the possibilities are overwhelming, and for the first time- maybe ever- i can't make up my mind. the choices have been narrowed down to 5. it's time to take a poll.

1: sunshine and shadows

2: diagonal stripe

3: zigzag

4: diamonds

5: pinwheel

throughout the entire process, i've had sunshine and shadows in my mind. but when i look at them together, the zigzag feels really strong. the pinwheel came about from just fooling around with the blocks, but now it's really grown on me. i like the movement, and that it's not an obvious pattern. it's like organized chaos- which is really what this quilt has been from the beginning.

the deadline for suggestions is 12am friday morning- if you feel so compelled, drop me a line with your pick!

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