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paillette flower necklace

turn some cheap materials into a very expensive statement necklace.

it's true, this necklace requires time and love and patience. but it's so worth it. each flower took about an hour to sew, but the frustration level was low and once they were finished, assembling the rest of the necklace was a breeze.

the flowers:

for each flower:
- 1 25mm perforated brooch back (you don't need the actual pin back, just the perforated piece)
- approx 20 20mm round silver sequin pailettes
- 8-12 1/2" silver lined glass bugle beads
- 8-12 silver lined hex cut seed beads
- 1 8mm clear sew on rhinestone
- needle and quilting thread

  • starting at the outer most row of holes, tie off the quilting thread with the knot on the inside of the dome.
  • thread a paillette on the string, and go back through the disk at the next hole.
  • move the needle to the next open hole, and bring the thread through to the inside. add another paillette to the string, and return the needle to the following open hole.
  • continue sewing paillettes to the outer row of holes around the disk. keep the tension of the thread as tight as possible, and be mindful of how the paillettes are laying. they should lay on top of one another, overlapping evenly.

  • move the needle towards the center of the disk, to the next open row of holes. repeat sewing another row of paillettes, in the same manner as before.
  • move the needle towards the center of the disk, to the next open row of holes. bring it through to the inside of the disk and thread on a bugle bead and a hex seed bead.
  • while keeping the bugle bead close to the disk, bring the needle and thread back through it and the hole. pull the thread to close the loop around the seed bead.
  • the seed bead should sit perpendicularly to the bugle bead. if it isn't, use the needle to adjust it's position. it might take a little fiddling to get it to sit right.

  • repeat adding the bugle and seed beads around the disk. when the row is filled, move the needle towards the center of the disk, to the next open row of holes. bring it through to the inside of the disk and thread on the rhinestone.
  • using the inner most row of holes, securely sew the rhinestone to the center of the disk.
  • tie off the thread on the back of the disk, and bring the tail up through one of the bugle beads. trim the tails on both ends of the thread.
  • take a deep breath, and make 4 more flowers.

constructing the necklace:

  • use the pliers to open up 2 5mm jump rings. carefully slip them through 2 holes on the outer row of the disk. (there should be about 3 holes between the rings).
  • starting at the center, slip the rings through the links of the chain. make sure both rings are on the same side of the chain before closing them up.
  • add the rest of the flowers to the chain in the same way. overlapping the flowers slightly will cover more of the chain.
  • add 2 8mm jump rings to each end of the chain.

  • cut the ribbon in half. use the lighter to gently singe the edge (this will prevent it from fraying). insert the cut end of the ribbon through the jump rings, from the outside of the chain to the inside.
  • loop the ribbon around, as if tying a men's necktie. the short end of the ribbon should tuck under the longer, and the knot should completely cover the jump rings. if you feel so inclined, you could tack stitch the short end of the ribbon under the long end discreetly. i didn't bother (ran out of time), but the short ends stayed put under the longer ribbon for the most part. repeat tying the other ribbon on the opposite side.

and viola! ready to roll. looks awfully classy with the reversible dress!

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