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quilt top: phase 2

no sweat.

that's a complete fabrication. utter rubbish. so much sweat was lost while finishing this quilt top, that i'm probably a dress size smaller. thankfully, no blood was spilled, but there were some tears when i burned my hand while pressing.

last week, i sewed the blocks together in 5 rows of 5 blocks each. now it was time to sew the rows to each other. it was only 4 seams, but it took an eternity. just pinning each row to another was about a half an hour.

the first seam was the bottom edge of the 3rd row to the top edge of the 4th. before adding the bottom row, i folded the 3rd row in half and pinned it. my sewing area is very tight, and this amount of fabric was was heavy and cumbersome. pinning the rows in half kept the excess fabric out of the way while stitching the new seams.

the bottom row was added to the first 2. then i skipped up and joined the top 2 rows to each other. this seemed like a more manageable approach than adding more rows to the first 3.

before pinning together the last seam, i folded up the extra fabric so it took up as little space as possible on my sewing table. now that the quilt top is finished, the next step is piecing together the back. i still need to put a bit of thought into what it will look like. all i know now is what fabrics it will be made from. i'm still too stunned from finishing the top to focus on the bottom yet.

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