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Resin Handles: Batch 3

Next time they're going to be perfect, but this time, they came out a little light. again. I'm attributing it to the newest pigment in the line up, and the entire ounce of resin that it wasted.

Set Up:


  • 1/2oz clear resin + 4 drops amber pigment + smallest touch of brown pigment= not quite dark enough
  • 1oz clear resin + 7 drops amber pigment + 1 small drop brown pigment= hot mess. way too dark.

  • Poured amber resin in mold, filling up almost 1/2 way

  • 1oz clear resin + 7 drops amber pigment, 1 drop native american pigment + 4 drops dark brown resin (from what was mixed) = so close, but too light. This looked dark enough in the cup, and I was being a wimp about adding too much brown resin and ruining another batch.
  • Got rid of dark as hell resin
  • Poured newer batch of resin into the center of each cavity.

  • Squeeze a bit of black pigment onto the squeeze top. Dip a toothpick into it, then swirl it around in the cavities.
  • As previously noted, it is exceedingly difficult to see how much black and how swirled it is.

To Note:

  • 1 1/2oz of resin is too much to fill the mold. there was 1/4oz left over.

The Results:

Still too light- use native american pigment in the 1/2oz next time.

Not enough black swirls. using a toothpick and the black pigment works well- there just needs to be more of it.

In certain angles, they're not that off the originals, but in others, they're much too light. Next round. Going to nail it.

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