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silicone mold: vintage handles

one step closer

all the recent tortoise testing has been for one purpose- to replicate the lucite handles on my gram's bedroom set:

in the last 80 years a number of them have been broken. hopefully, they can be replaced with some similar to the originals. silicone molds ensured that at least the shape would be exact.

before the pieces could be cast, the drill holes had to be covered. packing tape cut to fit the back of the pieces worked well. then all the necessary components were assembled. for thorough instructions on how to cast in silicone, click here.

disposable paint mixing containers made measuring the rice and mixing the silicone much easier. when rounded up to 150ml, the silicone required 75ml of parts A and B. because this wasn't a measurement on the container, a ruler and a sharpie were required to mark it.

silicone poured, cured over night, plastic removed, ready to go!

let the real testing begin...

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