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resin testing

you wanna get nuts? come on, let's get nuts.

playing with resin is now my #1 favorite pastime. the first attempt at bangles presented a problem though- the cord being used got significantly darker when it absorbed the resin. i decided to run a small test on all the cord i have, to use as a color guide. it turned out way more interesting than anticipated.

  • cut 3" of nylon cording in multiple colors. tie a knot in the center.
  • spray mold with release. mix up the resin and pour a small amount in the bottom of mold to completely cover the surface.
  • add all the knots to the mold, overlapping tails.
  • carefully fill mold the rest of the way, using a toothpick to adjust tails into position.
  • let cure for 6-10hrs(this was the hardest part).

  • pop it out of the mold and begin to ooh and aah. it's not terribly functional as a piece of wearable jewelry, but it is fascinating to look at on it's own. between the knots, the colors, the argyle pattern, and the idea of having something tactile sticking out of the piece, i'm totally inspired to keep tinkering with this amazing medium.
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