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silicone mold: 2 hole resin spacers

all of the fooling around i've done with resin in the past few months has stemmed from wanted to replicate these spacers:

they were acquired without any history- no idea where they were purchased, or when. i've been looking for almost a year, but still haven't seen anything similar. enter silicon molds. after a practice run in mold making, i felt a bit more confident that this could work...

the big concern was the holes. i haven't made a 2 part mold since college (we won't talk about how long ago that was), so i figured i'd just mold the pieces with the holes filled and drill them out later. initially, i filled the holes all the way with super sculpey, making it flush with the top and bottom of the pieces. but then i thought, if these are being drilled, shouldn't the holes have less resin to get through? i punched the sculpey out of the holes and cut the amount in half. then filled them up again, making sure that they were totally sealed in the inside.

click here for a refresh on how to make a silicone mold. i taped the pieces on their side to the container's lid. then mixed up the silicone and poured it into the mold (sloppily, as you can see). 24 hrs later, and it's ready to roll.

i can't wait to fill 'er up!

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