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subversive cross stitch: bookmark

charming profanity.

way back when i did my first subversive cross stitch, i saw this bookmark pattern and had the perfect person in mind to receive it. they sell it as a kit, but i've never been prone to lace, so i bought the pdf for $5 instead. here's what ensued:

  • cross stitch pattern
  • cross stitch fabric
  • red and black embroidery floss
  • 2.5" cotton gros grain ribbon, about 12"
  • scissors and needle, fray check

after the dirty sentiment was stitched, i cut out the fabric leaving a 1/2" border around the lettering.

the ribbon was pressed at 1/4" along the sides- the cross stitch should fit snugly into the ribbon, going all the way to the folds. at one end, fray check was applied and let to dry. then that edge was pressed over twice to make a hem.

slide in the cross stitch so you can figure out where to hem the other end. cut, fray check and press as before.

to make the tassel:

the last step is to flex a little needlework muscle and sew the fabric to the ribbon. use any fancy pants stitches you want. i went with a simple X in 2 colors. it was achieved by doing some diagonal stitches with the first color in one direction, then reversing the stitch with the second color.

and voila! an heirloom to treasure for always.

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