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tree trimming!

critter tree back in action.

tree day is the best. we picked this baby up on a street corner a block away. it absolutely stinks of christmas, and is so pretty, it hardly needed decorating at all. even so, big ol' christmas lights never hurt:

my decorating partner in crime gifted us the newest ornaments in our arsenal- a disembodied bed head, a comet riding demon angel, and the snazziest kindergartener my eyes have ever beheld (thanks sissy!!).

little pie company apple pie, "fried" pickles with ranch dressing (and a few highballs) fueled the decorating frenzy.

the tree was exclusively "woodland crittered" for awhile, but it's become a more open minded community as ornaments have been received.

the final touch was a spectacular polyhedron courtesy of father magnus wenninger, hung by fishing line from the chandelier above the tree. it hovers overhead like a star in the sky.

you don't need presents with a tree that looks this great.

just kidding.

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